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12 Designers To Follow

01. Leta Sobierajski

New York-based graphic designer and art director Leta Sobierajski combines photography and art with more traditional design elements to create unique visuals across all kinds of media. Her Instagram feed is eclectic, bizarre and very inspiring. 

02. Velvet Spectrum

Australia-born, America-based designer Luke Choice specialises in stunning 3D work, typography and animation. Follow him on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his latest client work for the likes of Nike, not to mention his incredible personal work. 

03. Seb Lester

If there's such a thing as the Godfather of Instagram, Seb Lester is surely it. The British artist and designer stole the show with his hypnotic short videos showing him reinterpret the world's most famous logos – Nike, The Gap, Star Wars, The New York Times and more – using calligraphy. He aims to reward his one million-plus Instagram followers with a new post every day, so you'll always find something new.

04. Kelli Anderson

You’ll get a whole lot more than just graphic design inspiration by following Kelli Anderson on Instagram. From interactive paper to layered websites, the artist, designer and tinkerer experiments across all manner of media. Her incredible pop-up pinhole camera is now on sale at MoMA - and she records her creative adventures on Instagram.

05. Steve Harrington

Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington is best known for his psychedelic-pop aesthetic. His work has a timeless quality, and his multimedia approach makes for an exciting Instagram feed. 

06. Zeitguised

For tantalising design, acute art, handmade algorithms and bespoke generative processes, try the Instragram account of award-winning Berlin-based studio Zeitguised – it's as bonkers as they are. If you like vibrant colour, beautiful textures and a healthy dose of just plain weird, you'll get a bucket-load of inspiration from this talented team.

07. Mike Kus

No collection of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram would be complete without UK-based designer and illustrator Mike Kus. With a staggering 849,000 followers, expect stunning shots of British beaches and countryside with lots of artistic shapes and geometric lines, plus some dramatic photography to add to your photo stream.

08. Daniel Aristizabal

Colombian digital artist, graphic designer and illustrator describes his work as "pop surrealism". Saturated with science references, retro hues and bold, geometric patterns, if you're in the mood for the absurd – and his 76,500 followers suggest there's an interest – look no further.

09. Hey Studio

Hey Studio isn't one of Spain's most exciting practising graphic design studios for nothing. Ricardo Jorge, Veronica Fuerte and Mikel Romero have a cult following – and the studio's Instargam account shows why. Stunning geometric shapes from their latest works juxtapose snaps of the team in action: it's a great way to keep up with the action.

10. Annie Atkins

Specialising in graphic design for film, Annie Atkins created the incredible graphic props for The Grand Budapest Hotel – as well as The Boxtrools, Penny Dreadful and more. Atkins posts insight into her working process on Instagram, plus candid shots of her daily surroundings.

11. Gmunk

From imposing architecture to close-ups of condensation on a toilet cistern, American designer Gmunk's atmospheric Instagram account records his extensive work and travel adventures, while offering a glimpse into the mind of the man responsible for Tron's opening titles.

12. Jon Contino

Well-known artist and designer Jon Contino uses his Instagram account to showcase his work, which is often done in collaboration with other NY brands. Whether you're interested in illustration, branding or product design, this is a great account to take inspiration from.


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